What is a Peace Intern?

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For more than forty years, DPF’s Peace Intern program has provided a vital witness for peace within church camps and other youth events of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. Peace Interns are young adults who provide educational and program support at church camps and other church-related assemblies and events about peace and justice issues, serving as counselors and resource people, and modeling the lifestyle of peacemakers for youth and adults alike.

Since 1975, more than 100 young people have served as Peace Interns in hundreds of church camps and conferences. The DPF Peace Intern program has had a lasting impact both on the interns and the youth of our church. Interns have gone on to become pastors, professors, social workers, human rights activists, and other peacemakers in our communities and world. Our youth have been exposed to new ideas and issues and challenged to confront their own responsibility as citizens of a global community.

What is the Intern Experience like?

Interns travel primarily independently and are immersed in new communities of faith across the country, developing their own ideas and passions, practicing relationship-building, workshop/small group planning and facilitation, and accepting hospitality along the way. It is a transformative summer experience unlike any other!

Each class of interns completes training at the Disciples Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they are trained by denominational leadership, peace and justice experts and other notable teachers to prepare them for their summer experience. Before and during training, each intern also works to develop his or her own passions into workshops that are taught throughout the summer. After training, the interns travel mostly independently to host events all over the country and spend approximately one week immersed in new and temporary communities (usually DOC church camps).

While present at each event, an intern represents Disciples Peace Fellowship and the General Church while facilitating workshops about peace and justice issues as well as participating as a member of the event’s leadership staff (usually as a camp counselor, but sometimes as a leader at a denominational event, chaperone at a mission gathering, etc.). The summer also includes a mid-summer and closing retreat for the interns to come together, share time with peers to decompress and to discuss, examine and evaluate their experiences. This is sacred time to reflect and learn from the internship and a very important part of DPF’s life-changing program

How can I help?

The DPF Intern Program is an important ministry of DPF that needs your support. Encourage young people interested in peace and justice to apply to become a peace intern. Invite an intern to your camp or conference, or donate to DPF’s Kirby Page Fund to support the Peace Intern program.

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