Our Partners

At Disciples Peace Fellowship, it is important for us to partner with other justice-seeking partners within the Disciples of Christ denomination - here are a few!

DHM Logo.png

Disciples home missions

Disciples Home Missions is a hands-on General Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). DHM lives into the Gospel of Jesus Christ by strengthening and developing partnerships, supporting congregational transformation, resourcing leadership development, sustaining faith formation, providing mission opportunities and advocating for justice, fairness, and equality for all of God’s children and creation.

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Global ministries

Global Ministries mission is to receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ by joining with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation and peace. We are a joint ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ.

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Disciples public presence

Disciples Public Presence offers a space to share information on justice issues that are of importance to you. We will be able to support each other and join in on actions if we are able. It is a place for Disciples to post marches, rallies, when and how to contact local, state and national representatives and any other ways that you believe we can make a Public Presence that comes out of our understandings of the Gospel.

Alliance Q Logo.png

Disciples LGBTQ+ AlLiance

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance is made up of members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), called to join in God’s work of transforming the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into a just and inclusive church that welcomes persons of all gender expressions and sexual identities into the full life and leadership of the church.

Green Chalice Logo.png

Green Chalice

From Hawaii and Washington to Ontario and Florida, and everywhere in between, Disciples congregations are caring for creation in unique and inspiring ways. Green Chalice’s mission is to connect Christian faith, spiritual practice and creation consciousness in order to demonstrate the fullness of God’s shalom.

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Disciples Women’s Ministries

Disciples Women’s Ministries is a conduit for diverse connections empowering each woman to find her voice and live out her call (Micah 6:8). DWM seeks to be a network of women committed to the justice-seeking, compassion-focused mission of Jesus Christ with no membership requirements or conditions.