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Request a DPF Peace Intern for your Summer Camp or Conference

While the 2019 application deadline has passed, we still have open slots available for the week of July 13-20 & July 27 - August 3.

If you have a camp (CYF, Chi-Rho, 8er’s, Juniors, or Family) scheduled for that week then please fill out the Form below!

A DPF Intern is a valuable resource for any camp, conference or other regional event! Interns are more than just a counselor, they provide special programming on peace and justice issues and serve as a resource and mentor for youth. DPF seeks to make interns available for as many camps and conferences as possible each summer, but there are always more requests for interns than interns available, so get your requests in early! If you would like an intern to participate in your summer camp or event, please complete the Request an Intern Form found below.

Please note:

  • Your region may apply for more than one event! In fact, this improves the chances that we will be able to place an intern in your region. 

  • Because DPF Interns may need to arrive late or leave early for overlapping events, they should always be considered an an EXTRA staff person, not counted as the minimum number of counselors or chaperones.This will also make it easier to schedule them for workshops and other program leadership you’d like them to provide.

  • We are unable to accommodate requests during General Assembly as all Interns will be attending!

  • Please be aware that completion of this request does not guarantee the presence of an intern at your event. While we make every attempt to fill as many requests as possible, we often receive more requests than placements available.

Application deadline – Sunday, March 24, 2019.
Notification of Intern Assignments – Friday, April 12, 2019.

Any questions or concerns regarding your application can be directed to our Mission Director, Brian Frederick-Gray, at dpfintern@gmail.com. Thank you!


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Intern's Travel Information
PLEASE NOTE: DPF pays for intern airfare, but accepted events are required to provide roundtrip transportation to/from the airport/event. Sometimes this includes a host home (room & board) if flights are scheduled on a different day than the start/end of your event. Due to budget constraints, interns will only be flown in and out of international airports. If you wish an intern to fly in or out of a regional airport, your conference or region should be prepared to pay the intern's airfare in advance. Although we will attempt to honor departure and arrival time requests, please understand that if given an intern, it is possible that your event will overlap with the ones that immediately precede and follow yours in the intern's summer schedule. This may cause a slightly late arrival to and/or early departure from your event. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and are thankful for your understanding!
Preferred Flight Arrival Date *
Preferred Flight Arrival Date
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Arrival Time, if you have a preference
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Preferred Flight Departure Date
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Preferred Flight Departure Time
Event Specifics
CYF Conference, Regional Youth Assembly, Regional Mission Event, etc...
The primary goal of DPF Interns in each event is to use their extensive training to lead faith-based workshops on peace and social justice issues. Use this space to detail the time available for the intern to share his/her workshops. (For example: daily interest group time, mandatory workshop, large group activity time, etc.) In addition to this, how else will the intern be used? (Interns can be used as Small Group Leaders, Cabin Counselors, etc.)
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