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Worship, Small Group, and Curriculum Ideas

Use the links below to find a variety of worship materials, educational materials and historical background on peace and justice from a Christian perspective.

Worship Resources


We offer these resources for your use in whatever setting you feel is appropriate, perhaps before, during or to conclude a board meeting, at a retreat, or during a vigil.  All resources are original except where stated and may be used with proper attribution (Author’s name(s)/www.dpfweb.org).

Alternative Music Resources For People of Faith
This PDF provides a great list of alternative resources to help you with worship planning and teaching around peace, nonviolence and reconciliation.

Bibliography of Peace and Justice Worship Resources
This PDF provides a list of Peace and Justice Worship resources as a bibliography.

Important Peace Dates.pdf
This PDF provides helpful dates for you as you think about opportunities throughout the church calendar year to preach and teach about peace, nonviolence and reconciliation and to engage in service projects and witness for justice and peace.

Peace and Justice Resources on the Web.pdf
This PDF provides a helpful list of various peace and justice resources on other websites.

Childrens Sabbath
Children’s Sabbath is an interfaith day devoted to speaking out and acting for justice for children and families. On the third weekend of October, religious congregations from Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Baha’i, and other faiths are united in celebrating.

Pastoral Care to Veterans and Their Families
Peace-loving congregations are encouraged to provide support to military families who have been affected by war. This document provides an overview of this important ministry and links to resources.

Faithful Conversations

Faithful Conversations is a model for engaging divisive issues while maintaining our unity.

How can the Church address divisive issues without itself dividing? How can the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) continue to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world while engaging issues which have contributed to the world’s fragmentation? For some years Disciples have been asking these questions. If you are searching for an answer, allow us to introduce you to Faithful Conversations. Here are two modules which you can use to engage members of your congregation in conversations on war, peace and Christian unity. Each module comes with leader instructions and all of the resources that you need to engage fellow Christians in a Faithful Conversation.

Module #1 Holy War, Just War and Pacifism Exploring 3 Classical Christian Perspectives.

Faithful Conversation Disciples Historical Positions

Module #2 War and Peace in the Disciples’ Tradition Listening to the Voices of our Stone-Campbell Forebears.

Faithful Conversation War and Peace Workshop


Crossing the Line


Gun Violence Prevention (From The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship)

Torture Awareness Month Toolkit